23 - 27 March, 2020, CUSAT


What is

Hack from home

The world is in chaos, and we're all better off at the safety of our homes. It must take an even bigger effort these days to keep ourselves busy. In the wake of an ongoing quarantine, the IEEE CUSAT SB presents to you—HomeHack. HomeHack is an initiative aiming at providing participants with an online platform to let their creativity erupt. Participants brainstorm on a wide range of challenging issues and try to find their solutions via technology. So sharpen your competitive edge and put your skills to the test, for you could get your hands on some amazing prizes! This hackathon has also included special category to motivate and appreciate the creative skills of the first-years.

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March 23 -27, 2020

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Providing greater oppurtunities for learning both in the classroom and at home


Develop to solve the problems faced by medical sector in recent times.


Develop to improve efficiency and profitability for farming


Defend those assets against all threat actors throughout the entire life cycle of a cyber track

Open innovation

Have something in mind which is out of the box? Go with it!


Develop iot based applications to improve the standard of living.

Exclusive track

A.based on Arduino/Raspberry
B.UI/UX designing or prototyping.
Refer FAQ section for more details about this track.


Advancing technology for humanity

The IEEE CUSAT pans over a wide range of the tech spectrum. With a student branch that has been active for years, we've managed to take learning and networking up a notch. We continue our voyage across the skies of career building and critical skills, with all our 75 plus members in tow. Challenges and experiences have only made us better over the years, and here we are —one of the finest branches in the hub.


Blue skies and ignited minds, the student branch of IEEE at Govt. Model Engineering College, the IEEE SB MEC in professional parlance, is on a perfect take-off with a growing number of dedicated and vibrant volunteers. The SB has forged itself through thick and thin, successfully proving their mettle, over the years. Today, with a crew of 150 plus members, IEEE SB MEC stands out as one among the best of all student branches in the hub.


exciting part


First Prize

second Prize

Evan prize

For the team that does well in the exclusive category but are unable to secure the top two positions.

Anti-corona prize

For the team that comes up with the most inpressive solutions related to stopping or minimizing the ongoing Corona crisis.

Virago prize

For a majority women team that does well but have not secured the top two positions. The team must consist of at least two female members.

Daily Challenges prize

For those teams that win our daily challenges.For more details go through our FAQ page.